What’s the process?

If you have restoration needs call us and we can supply an estimate or simply take photos of the work required and email it to us and we will get back to you. If necessary we can call on prospective customers and to discuss larger or multiple items.

Why restore my furniture?

Quality wooden furniture is worth a lot more than you realise. New Zealand-made or older style furniture is much better made than cheap imports, so restoring your furniture is indeed a smart option for future generations to enjoy.

How different will it look?

We customise every restoration job to each individual customers’ requirements.


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  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We are well known for our commitment to quality. Indeed, it is a measure of our reputation that most of the business we receive is through referrals. All of our work has a personal guarantee and nothing leaves the factory unless the customer is 100% satisfied with the work.
  • Supporting Local Businesses

    We believe that supporting local business is important for the community, which is why we use local expertise for our re glazing and re caning requirements. A full upholstering service is also available on-site.